Wages and Benefits of Medical Assistants

Although no federal or state laws require that the medical assistant to be certified or even be registered, most employers prefer to hire those who are, at least, certificates, this ensures that the employer is hiring a person with at least basic knowledge of the profession of medical assisting. (Medical Assistant)

It is worth noting that, in order to be granted the credential certificate medical assistant (CMA) by the AAMA, one must have successfully a course accredited medical assisting. Moreover, five years of experience helping physicians in formal substitutes, this is required when it comes to getting the records Medical Assistant (RMA) issued by the American medical technology agency (AMT) is the agency responsible for certification of Physician Assistants. (Medical Assistant)

Medical Assistant

Since most of today’s employers want to hire credentialed medical assistants, who have just graduated in the profession can be difficult to get five years of experience helping physicians to then qualify for the credential Medical Records Assistant. Therefore, it is very likely to be more viable for new medical assistant get the CMA credential and completing the courses accredited medical study and pass the required examination. Then they can decide whether to continue with other certification. (Medical Assistant)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants were hired around 387000 jobs in 2004, the last year for which figures are available. In that year 60% of people were employed in the doctor’s office. Because medical assistants are trained as “the handyman in medicine” These have become an essential part of the medical office team. (Medical Assistant)

For example, an administrative assistant, as is well trained in administrative tasks such as filing insurance claims, scheduling appointments, and management of patients would not be able to stitch a wound if necessary, in the room review. The medical assistant, however, could. This is because the medical assistant is not just a good background in administrative tasks, is able to perform many functions related to the patient as well. (Medical Assistant)

While it is true that some medical assistants may specialize in either administrative duties or patient-related duties, the primary course of study of a Medical Assistant Certificate prepares the employee to fund the two functions. In fact, the same physician assistant who has been trained to schedule appointments, process financial records also have been trained to remove the sutures, changing bandages, and collect laboratory samples. (Medical Assistant)

That does not mean that there is no place in medical practice for administrative assistant. By contrast, there is still a need for these professionals and the services they provide. However, a sample suitable employment, certified medical assistant can be an invaluable resource for any medical office, which will inevitably result in an increase in productivity and income for all physicians in medical practice. (Medical Assistant)

While salaries and benefits vary in the medical assistant profession and often depend on the location and size of the institution or medical practice, most medical assistants enjoy a salary of at least $ 12 per hour with benefit, including generous health benefits.

Labor Department for medical assistants working in schools, universities and other professional schools earned more than $ 27,000 in 2004, while employees in physician offices earned an average of nearly $ 25,000. Payment is slightly higher for those working in hospitals, but only very slightly. Of course, the level of skill and experience play an important role in determining the salary of a medical assistant.